Retama Activities

Italian Night

This activity was done in lieu of our monthly pizza night. David & Sue McCarron
Our Hosts
treated us all to a wonderful pasta dinner that David prepared. The top photo shows David, Sue & their trusty assistants.

It was so good even Al ate his entire dinner. He's pretty picky so I was pleasantly surprised that he made all gone.

Since it's still early & there aren't a lot of people here yet we were all surprised at the great turn
Awaiting dinner

By next month (November) everyone should be here so attendance will be even better but I think for only 1/3 of the residents here we did pretty good. As Sue said we had better attendance than the monthly pizza maybe David should cook every month ;)

I'm just getting into the swing of things so I have to not only remember to bring my camera I actually have to remember to use it!

As you can see our club house was built before the community started growing a lot. Many of our functions are held outdoors but this week it was in the mid 90's & nobody wanted to eat outside.

Couples Lunch - June

Things quiet down here in Retama during the summer but that doesn't mean we
sit home doing nothing. 

We are still very active with the weekly ladies & men's breakfast, monthly ladies lunch & couples lunch, weekly pot luck barbecue among other things.

This is our first year here during the summer & while it's a bit quieter we are all finding that the events are more "intimate" (if you can call 20 people intimate).

This month we went to the Republic of the Rio Grande. The food & the company was wonderful.

August 14th

This was our weekly Happy Hour potluck barbecue. During the summer we
typically have a small crowd but today we were pulling out more tables as people kept coming in.

Final count we had 38 people....I think we broke a record for summer attendance. We also had some of the best food tonight & of course a good time was had by all!

Ladies Breakfast September 3rd

This morning we went to a new place for the ladies, Don Pepe's in McAllen.
We had a great turnout with 15 ladies coming. 

I discovered that it was Ellen's birthday today so I asked the waiter if they could do a "little" something for her. Well, they did a little more than a "little" something. They came out with 3 huge sombrero's, a Flan & 3 other waiters who serenaded her. I'd say she was surprised, maybe a little embarrassed & very happy.

I think the morning was a big success & everyone was having a good time.

I think the ladies looked great in their sombrero's

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