Cinderella Pet Rescue (CPR)

Well, Al & I have a new job...we are volunteering at the Cinderella Pet Rescue (CPR) in Mission.

Last month a stray puppy found his way into Retama Village & hung out there
for several days. Neighbors left him food & water & finally one person, Bonnie Fogg, gained his trust enough that he came up to her & let her feed him. I had contacted Suzanne at Cinderella asking if I could bring him over if we could catch him & of course she said yes. So, three of us worked to get the pup corralled so we could get him over to Cinderella. It took a while to gain his trust but we got him & Marina & I drove over to Cinderella where we proceeded to bathe him. Suzanne came over & we started giving him meds & then dipped him. Marina came up with the name Chachi & we agreed it was perfect for him.

Chachi has put on some weight, been neutered & is a very happy guy. 

He's 10 months old & while he's still in quarantine for roundworm I am starting to walk him on a leash trying to teach him some manners. He also has heartworm & is being treated but he's doing great. Today was day 1 of leash day. It took about a half hour just to get him to calm down on our walk but he is learning to walk on my left side & that's a first step. He is, after all, a puppy & getting out of his kennel to "spread his wings" is exciting so he needs to burn of steam before he settles down to a point where he can learn. It will take some time but it will help him get adopted if he can learn some basic manners. To say that he is adorable is putting it mildly. He has the most beautiful face & eyes & is very sweet. He's still a little shy but is taking treats from me so that's a good start.

September 4th

Last night I got an email that was sent from one of our friends in Retama who is on the Board of Directors at the Cinderella Pet Rescue. In the email was a bunch of photos of Biscotti, an adorable little boy who came into Cinderella in May, 2014. It's unfortunate that dogs end up in a rescue but it's even more unfortunate when they cannot be placed in a good forever home.

Well Biscotti finally hit the jackpot in finding a new forever home. It seems like he is just in heaven & his new people seem to adore him. 

It's happy endings like this that help make volunteering at Cinderella feel good. Many of of get a little down when we see so many dogs & we aren't able to find good homes for them. Part of the problem is the location we are in & the other part is that so many of them are "damaged" & need a lot of rehabilitation to make them good companion dogs. When a rescue relies on volunteers it's hard to do that especially when you have 65 dogs & you are located in an area where people tend not to take care of animals. The other problem is that so many of the volunteers who help out at Cinderella are only here in the fall/winter & that leaves the of volunteers down to just a few in the summer. It's hard to give the dogs they attention they need but we do the best we can. 

Cinderella is a No-Kill rescue so at times there are so many dogs it becomes a real challenge getting them out for walks so they get some one on one time with a person. 

But seeing these photos just makes it all worthwhile! We are often sad when a new dog comes in or gets dumped at Cinderella, but this really helps give us hope that others will find homes like Biscotti has obviously found.

Biscotti is only about 2 years old so he has a long life ahead of him to help him forget what life was like before he landed in

This photo below was taken at Cinderella Pet Rescue. As you can see he's a cute little guy & now he's a very happy & contented little guy.

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