Saturday, November 25, 2017

Out With The Old & In With The New...CAR!


I don't typically buy new cars all that often but I really got fed up with the Ford C-Max. While I enjoyed having another hybrid, I'm convinced Ford builds ALL their vehicles for tall Texan's. Even with the seat-belt at the lowest & a plastic clip to hold it down even lower, I still felt like I was getting choked. What really was annoying is the poor turning radius. It took several tries to turn into parking spaces & on some turns I had to make a wide turn just to avoid hitting a car. Neighbors who bought one had the same complaints. 

So, I endured it for 1 1/2 years & then I finally got fed up. So...I went on a mission to find a vehicle that I would enjoy. I tried another Prius & while I have had 2 & loved them the area we live in has lots of low drainage areas on the roads to prevent flooding. This is not good for low riding cars like the Prius so I started looking for "economical" SUV's or a mid size SUV. What I ended up with was a Honda CRV. I didn't really end up with it because I loved it & having had a 2002 model that I loved I knew I would be happy with it. I took 2 different test drives (2nd one to be sure I really liked it) with Al & we were both impressed with the car & liked it better than any of the others we took out on a test drive.

My requirements: I did not want a black, white or red. I test drove a silver the first day & liked it but when we went back the next day it had been sold....obviously it wasn't meant to be. That was ok because I realized that silver was so common I would have trouble finding it in the parking lot. So, what I ended up with was Gunmetal Metallic which turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. It is a deep, rich grey with hints of bluish purple tinge. I guess it was meant to be. I love the color & I got a good deal so bye, bye C-Max & hello CRV (again). I do have to say that the CRV has come a long way since my 2002 model CRV which I really loved.

My only complaint (not really) is I gave up 44-50 mpg for 29-34 mpg, but I love the car so I'm not going to complain. It's comfortable, fun to drive & handles like a dream, even if it does slow me down when I want to go faster. I do have to get used to having a car that is smarter than me. It slows me down when the speed limit changes or the car in front of me slows down, won't let me go into the lane next to me & pulls me back into my lane if I do veer over. It gives me all kinds of warnings when I'm doing something I shouldn't. So, not only do I have a smart phone but now I have a smart car. I've had it now for almost a month & I have to say it's very roomy, lots of storage in the back & even Al likes it.

Working with Clark Knapp in Pharr was really painless. Everyone was very accommodating & while they didn't have free popcorn & hot dogs (like Hacienda Ford) they were all very helpful & very easy to deal with. They price matched another dealer in the valley & gave us a very good price for my car!

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