Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mardi Gras Celebration Retama Village Style

I am so far behind in posting our vacation & our community Mardi Gras celebrate. So, I'm posting in
order of priority....our party! Don't let anyone tell you that us "old timers" in Retama Village don't know how to have fun. Of course this is NOT your ordinary 55+ community. We do our parade in style with beautifully decorated golf carts. Some of them were just amazing & I wish I could have gotten more photos because they were all awesome.

Do you know any community that has Border Patrol leading a Mardi Gras parade? Well we do here &
they love to join in & have fun with between catching the illegals of course! We love them & they love our cookies & parties! Don't let anyone tell you that living in the Rio Grande Valley isn't a safe place to live. Retama Village is the safest place you can be & the best place to live...not to mention party!

The golf cart on the right is our community manager. Carol. Carol & Jerry were very creative & did a great job!

Once the parade started people were throwing candy & beads to those of us standing around or sitting on the sidelines watching the parade. This was one fantastic celebration.

After the parade was over there was a party on the clubhouse patio where many were dancing & enjoying some decadent desserts.

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