Sunday, September 3, 2017


It's been a while since I've posted. Not much has been going on.

Grandson Noah graduated from high school (hard to believe how he has grown).
View from our house heading out to ride
Al went to his graduation in Alabama & en route he stayed at a hotel in Lake Charles, LA. While in the shower he slipped & fell & was taken to the ER. He had 3 fractured ribs & has been on "light duty" since then. He did manage to go to Noah's graduation & made it home but is still having some issues so he's taking it slow.

While he was gone handling Christi was an issue. She's very strong & likes chasing bunnies. I have never been able to walk her because of my shoulder & neck so Al did it. With him out of town for a week friends tried to help walk her but couldn't. Al was the only one able to handle her but with fractured ribs he was out of commission. So I had to put her in boot camp training. I worked with her every day working on leash & then doing fun play/training & got her a different leash so now even I can walk her. She's doing really well but I need to be the one walking her because Al isn't consistent & she needs that to sustain the level of training I do with her.

We have both been trying to stay active. Al has to be careful but we've been trying to stay in shape. My doctors are happy....Blood Pressure is stable. Blood Sugar has dropped below the "Diabetes" threshold & I've lost weight. 

The doctor gave me some knee braces now so I can walk a little bit with Al & the dogs & I have gotten the rein's back walking Christi so she doesn't regress with all the training I did with her again. In addition to the short walks I have been doing some water exercises to work my knees, hims & most important, my shoulders. Al has been joining me as well. I'm back on my recumbent trike 5 days a week & up to 6 miles & It's a lot of fun to ride & I really enjoy riding it & even pain. I really enjoy when I ride outside the community so I get to enjoy the scenery in the area & not just go around in circles in our community which gets a little boring. 

Christi & Shadow are doing well. Shadow is going to be 10 years old but watching him play with our 2 year old "wild indian" you'd never know it. He manages to keep up with her but paces himself. Our vet thinks she's keeping him young. Thank god he's smart enough to know when & how to pace himself so he doesn't over due it!  

We are blessed that our area was not impacted by Hurricane Harvey other than all of the hotels in the valley are booked solid & the shelves in the grocery store are missing a lot of items because of food being sent to the towns that were in the direct path of Harvey & also because our big grocery chain in Texas, HEB is based in San Antonio & has it's bakery in Houston so everyone in central, south & eastern TX is impacted to a certain extent, some much more than others.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air & boy are my shrubs doing well this year...finally!
Pride of Barbados

With the new irrigation system everything is doing fantastic. Shrubs that were stunted & not flowering are now very prolific. Shrubs that developed root rot & now thriving. 

For the first time I am having good luck with growing Jasmine & the fragrance is just amazing.

All of these are in our courtyard except for the Desert Rose

We are starting to see the butterflies in the garden but the hummingbirds haven't returned yet. But now my garden is ready for them! They should be very happy with all the natural nectar.

Our bottle brush tree that was planted in June, 2016 is now about 2 ft higher & wider & it is beautiful. We put this in to replace a queen palm that I hated. The first photo was taken right after it was planted & the close up will show you what the bottle brushes look like when they are in full bloom.
Desert Rose

We get to sit in our courtyard & look at all the beautiful flowers & colors. Quite a change from living in the Desert for 8 years!

Bottle Brush Tree

The photos below show the Bottle brush tree when it was planted a year ago & what it looks like now

Bottle Brush Tree 6/16
Courtyard 4/17

Front Planter Bed 4/17
All new plants except for the Robellini Palms on either end

Courtyard with new plants

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mardi Gras Celebration Retama Village Style

I am so far behind in posting our vacation & our community Mardi Gras celebrate. So, I'm posting in
order of priority....our party! Don't let anyone tell you that us "old timers" in Retama Village don't know how to have fun. Of course this is NOT your ordinary 55+ community. We do our parade in style with beautifully decorated golf carts. Some of them were just amazing & I wish I could have gotten more photos because they were all awesome.

Do you know any community that has Border Patrol leading a Mardi Gras parade? Well we do here &
they love to join in & have fun with between catching the illegals of course! We love them & they love our cookies & parties! Don't let anyone tell you that living in the Rio Grande Valley isn't a safe place to live. Retama Village is the safest place you can be & the best place to live...not to mention party!

The golf cart on the right is our community manager. Carol. Carol & Jerry were very creative & did a great job!

Once the parade started people were throwing candy & beads to those of us standing around or sitting on the sidelines watching the parade. This was one fantastic celebration.

After the parade was over there was a party on the clubhouse patio where many were dancing & enjoying some decadent desserts.