Saturday, September 24, 2016

Our New Pergola

We waited a little more than a year to finally make a decision that we needed a

Our next door neighbors put one in & we checked it out along with several other neighbors before making the final decision. 

George Smith came over & gave us the estimate & we decided to go forward with it. We also decided that we should explore the option of putting in fans. Again more research...the common theme was yes, do it. When I asked those that had them installed several responded that they should have put in more
than one. So, based on the fact that our courtyard & pergola extended 25 feet we decided to get 2 large fans. 

I called for estimates on installing the electrical & fans & of course my buddy Rene Villareal (R&R cooling & Electric) was not only the cheapest but he planned on doing it the "right way". This is why I use him for everything!

So, the pergola & fans are now in. It looks fantastic & boy is it cutting down on
the sun & heat...even inside the house. Rene's guys, Berto & Rene (different last name) came over to drill & run the wires to the Pergola on the first day. George started on Tuesday & was finished on Thursday except for a couple of last minute touches done Friday morning. Berto & Rene came back Friday morning & installed the fans, set up the 2 remotes, mounted them & installed the switch on the inside next to the patio door.

We rearranged the furniture so that when sitting on the sofa & chairs everyone can see the planter bed with all the flowers. We also have new bushes (Croton mammy) & tree (Crepe Myrtle) that are very colorful & will look great when they get a little bigger. So, we have a nice relaxing environment in our courtyard now...& it will be cooler, which is even better.

The finished job looks fantastic!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Birds And The Bees!

Oh, the birds & bees are very busy at our house. It seems like I'm feeding the whole neighborhood. 

My hummingbird feeders seem to be attracting birds that sure don't look like hummingbirds. 

I guess that's why I'm making a lot of nectar but at least I know I do have a lot of hummingbirds getting some too...they are just too fast for me to get good photos!

I'm surely not going to complain because it's wonderful to see all these birds.

We have lots of hummingbirds but they are a lot harder to get photos because they flit around so fast. 

We will be having our Pergola built in the next couple of weeks so we will be able to sit outside more & enjoy watching all our fine feathered friends without baking in the sun so much. We are both looking forward to it.

We have a lot of experts in our community that can probably name all these birds but I sure don't know what they all are. All I know is they are absolutel beautiful....even if they drink all my nectar.