Thursday, June 30, 2016

Christi & Shadow

A couple of weeks ago we lost Allie, our Golden Retriever. It was devastating but we are starting to heal with the help of a 38 lb stray that landed on our front doorstep right after Allie took sick late in April. 

Our friends believe that Christi was sent to us for a reason. I'm now becoming a believer because Christi has given Shadow a new lease on life & is helping us all deal with our grief. Shadow never really played before & now here's this 9 year old dog playing with a 1 year old & giving her a run for the money. Every day they go out in the yard & play, either chasing each other around the yard or playing tug of war with Christi's stuffed animals. It really is fun to watch them play. They really get along great. 

Initially when Christi came into our home Shadow let her know who was "in charge" & Christi came to respect him. Allie, on the other hand, seemed to mother Christi. They all seemed to work out their respective roles in the pack & there were never any fights. It seems that Christi & Shadow must have known Allie was not well before we realized that her initial episode in April was just the beginning of the end. We miss Allie & will never forget her but Christi has given Shadow a new lease on life & brought sunshine back into our lives. 

Christi had sneaked out of the house after dinner with her new stuffed elephant. All of a sudden Al called me to come look at something & I walked out to this. Al said that Shadow actually started this game of tug of war. 

Way to go Christi & Shadow!