Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Car

Well after owning 2 Prius' I've finally gotten something different. It will take some getting
used to but it really is a nice car. 

We had a buyer for Al's car so he was going to need a new. Today we dropped off his car to a buyer who flew in from Iowa to pick it up.

Al had a list of 4 compact SUV's he was interested in. We test drove 3 of them & the last one we tried we both liked. It's a Ford C-Max which is also a hybrid which gets about 44 mpg.

It appears that they have taken a lot of the Prius' technology & incorporated it into this car. It's bigger & peppier but handles very nice. 

The dealer (Hacienda Ford) was wonderful to work with. They were the only dealer in the Rio Grande Valley that had a C-Max in stock for us to test drive but they only had black & white with black interior. I wanted Red with beige leather interior so looked around & found
one with the option package I wanted in just north of Houston & they picked it up & brought it back the next day. They also gave us a good deal on window tinting & a remote access which works from a smart phone. You can turn the car off & on, lock & unlock, notifies us if the car is hit & if someone tries to break in. It works from anywhere there is a WiFi signal. The sensor has to be ordered & then they install it on the car.

The dealer REALLY wanted Al's car & was willing to pay us the same thing our buyers were but we already committed so after much discussion we decided to trade my Prius in for the new car & he gave us more than I expected so we were pretty happy. So for now we will live with only 1 car & see how it works out. If it doesn't we will have to re-organize the garage (a lot) so there is room for 2 cars so Al doesn't have to park his car in the driveway. That will be a real challenge LOL.
It will certainly be a change for both of us but it's a happy medium from the big Ford Flex &
Max & Nedra
the small Prius which Al couldn't drive & it was a challenge climbing out of & falling into.wink emoticon
This car is easy for both of us to get in & out of & the drivers seat is power (the Prius wasn't) so it will be easy to move it for when we switch drivers.

The new car is named "Max"....., no not after the car model! It was my dad's middle name. It was also the name I gave to my first golden. He was also my first certified therapy dog who became the spokes "dog" for the Angel Paws Program when I started it at Providence Hospital & Hospice in Waco.

Update 6/11/16:
Ok, we went without a 2nd car a few weeks & realized there is no way we can do it. Not that
we both have jobs to go to but with Al going off to Cinderella Pet Rescue twice a week & me trying to manage my business, run errands, doctors appointments it's really hard juggling around who gets to use the car.

So, guess what...we are picking up his new car today. With all the cars we test drove...including some loaners from the Ford dealer Al decided that the C-Max was the best car. Economical (it's a hybrid), it rides nicely, has lots of head & leg room & all kinds of toys & gadgets. Plus it was one of the most affordable. Not to mention we got a very good deal. So, this morning we head to Edinburg to pick it up.

The dealer picked it up from a dealer in Austin & then yesterday they did the window tinting & installed the interior & exterior protection package. So we don't get confused Al got his in Pearl White ;)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Backyard Birds

It appears that our backyard has been discovered. I've been keeping my
hummingbird feeders filled & I've been getting all kinds of birds...even some hummingbirds.

Between all the flowers that are blooming & my secret nectar recipe I am really attracting some beautiful birds.

I am not a professional camera person & I don't have the best camera but I'm very pleased with how these photos turned out. 

Now, if only I could get some photos of the hummingbirds I'd be real happy!