Saturday, April 9, 2016

High Ho Silver!

Now when you look at this don't you think of an old western movie? Well, this is
not a movie, it's real life Texas border Style!

Well this is some of what we see around here protecting our borders & this is the reason we feel so safe around here. 

This is the Border Patrol patrolling the Levee along the Rio Grande River & State Park. 

Border Patrol has a horse stable around the corner from Bentsen Palm Development & almost any day of the week you can see them riding around the area including the state park. They are very friendly &
as long as they are not giving chase to an illegal they will shop & chat....or pose for photos. 

The photo on the bottom right I took one day when I was riding into the state park for a bike ride. As I rode up the hill over the levee they were coming up the hill from the state park. They stopped & I asked if I could take a photo. Both they & their horses "posed" for the camera. 

I suggested they take a ride through Retama Village & they thought that would be fun...I'm not sure they did it but it sure would have been a hoot if they did. 

Of course we are accustomed to having Border Patrol in & around the community so I don't think it would have shocked anyone. They might have gotten some laughs, people wanting to take photos & maybe someone even wanting a ride!



3702 Pelican Way (Phase 2, Lot 167)
Please use the Contact Form if you would like more information

RENTAL NOTICE: Renters "in residence" will have right of first refusal on buying the property, and are protected during their rental period. You will NOT be asked to vacate because the property is sold.

Rental available for LOT ONLY (requires a $250 deposit) or LOT and COACH HOUSE (requires a $500 deposit). Monthly rate includes water, sewer, garbage and landscape maintenance. Tenants would pay for electric (metered), Internet and cable TV if desired.
A beautiful site with lots of new upgrades. Lot size is 40’ x 80’ and is backed up to the green belt so there are no lots directly behind you. 
The RV is on the east side of the lot, so there is shaded seating any time of the day plus you will have a new pergola next to the coach house.  Motor home front windows will face south. 
  • 40 x 80’ Deeded RV Lot with Coach House
  • 12’ x 24’ Deluxe Finished Coach House with full working kitchen: electric stove/oven, full size microwave, sink & 10 cu ft. refrigerator with freezer all included
  • Bathroom & utility room with shower, toilet & sink
  • The utility room is plumbed & ready for a full size stacking washer & dryer.
  • Includes a large wall mounted Sony TV & is wired & ready for cable TV & internet
  • Lots of storage: Upper & lower storage drawers & cabinets in the kitchen & shelves, wardrobe closet & cabinets in the main area & storage cabinets in the bath/utility room
  • The floors have ceramic tile throughout. The kitchen counters are also ceramic tile
  • There is a pocket door from the main room to the bath/utility room
  • The French doors open directly to the patio
  • Attached to the rear of the coach house is a 7’ x 12’ fenced area for outdoor storage items
  • 50 amp, 30 amp and 20 amp electrical service at the pedestal, along with 2 water faucets
  • RV sewer outlets at rear of lot and side of lot. Ideal locations for motorhomes or trailers
  • Exterior outlets on the coach house
  • Exterior lights on the coach house
  • Shingle roof with gutters
  • There is shade somewhere on the lot at all times
  • All landscape maintenance is provided. There is underground drip irrigation for the lawn and plantings, so no water is being thrown on the RV or vehicles. The year-round maintenance is based on conservation principles regulated by the HOA which insures a beautiful park for all residents
New features added in 2014 & 15:
  • Plantation Shutters & exterior solar screens
  • Mitsubishi mini split AC/Heat pump
  • Tankless hot water heater
  • Kohler ADA toilet
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Vanity lights with LED bulbs
  • Double knock out roses in RV planter bed & around palm tree
  • Pergola
  • New planter beds around the back of the patio & on the side
Retama Village is a 55+, active adult RV community with deeded lots.  Here RVers & non RVer's from throughout the country come to enjoy the warm winters of South Texas...& some, like us have chosen to stay her permanently!

NOTE: The reason we are selling is that we have sold our house in New Mexico & our Motorhome. We love Retama so much that we have built a house here & no longer need the RV lot.

SALE PRICE: $85,000

Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Tree & Bushes Planted in the Yard

Well, I think I have finally gotten what I REALLY want in the courtyard & in the front planter beds that were plated by the builder. 

I went over to Oleander Nursery & Seth & his wife helped me pick out some plants & while they are pretty sparse right now they already look better than what we did have.

Seth spent a lot of time with me & drove me around the RV park showing me some of the bushes & trees to help me visualize what some of the things he was recommending would look like when they grew up. I must admit he really knows his stuff!


We had the Queen palm removed from the courtyard area which I hated. It just looked scraggly & kept thwacking me in the head when I would try to pull weeds prune the bushes around it. It took 2 people to get it out but it's gone. Our neighbors across the street wanted it so Seth & Al moved it over there & then Seth planted it for them the next day.

Here you can see the before & after photos of the planter bed with the Queen Palm & then after with the Bottle brush tree. Of course right now the tree has no brushes but it still looks a lot "cleaner" than it did with the palm.

I also had Seth remove the 2 Ixora plants that I had put in a few months ago. It seems that Allie really liked them & ate both of them. As it turns out Seth told me they were kinda high maintenance & I really prefer low maintenance. He also referred to them as "trash plants" & he won't sell them. That was good enough for me!

So, in the courtyard I had him put a bottle brush tree in place of the
Queen Palm. A friend around the corner has one & I fell in love with it. Seth agreed it was a good choice. I REALLY wanted a Bougainvillea so he recommended a variegated Bougainvillea in place of the Ixora. It will look nice even when it's not flowering but around here they will flower even in the winter.This one has a beautiful pink flower. Right now it's a bit scraggly but they cleaned it up & did some trimming to induce growth & it's already looking good. There is also a Jasmine that we planted in February at the end of the planter bed. It is growing around the new trellis nicely & now has lots of flowers that are sending off a wonderful fragrance throughout the courtyard.
You can see from the photo showing the full view of the Courtyard planter bed that things have been growing & filling in. The Cape Honeysuckle that seemed to be doing nothing for so long is now very prolific & the flowers are beautiful.
The Pride of Barbados to the left of them are doing better but not as prolific. Time will tell if they will finally take off or not. If not....I know someone who can figure out what to replace it with!


In the front of the house to the right of the front gate we removed the red
velvet Lantana that was straggly & had white crusty leaves. They were in front of the Duranta. We needed something low growing so in it's place Seth recommended a Dwarf Crown of Thorns which has a softer thorn & the flower is Salmon color. One of them is already flowering.

To the left of the front gate we removed the Ixora we had put in several months ago that proved very disappointing. In it's place I wasn't sure what I wanted but I knew it had to be colorful. Seth recommended a Red Hot Variegated Tropical Hibiscus. The leaves are very showy so that even when it's not flowering it will still look spectacular. I'm not sure what is prettier, the flower or the leaves. Having seen these in bloom at the RV park I can't wait until they grow up a bit.

I do admit that the front & back yard really are starting to look really good. Ever since we removed the Mexican Heather that was dying from the front planter & replaced it with the Ice Plant that planter bed looks even better than ever.

You can see the view of the full planter bed from the front of the house. It is now full & lush but it will be a while before the Robellini Palm grow up. 

The view of the planter bed from the back shows the cute little Toad houses which provide a safe haven for the cute little toads. The little toads are harmless but they eat a lot of nasty insects & grubs so I don't want to kill them. I have a few of them strategically placed in the front & in the courtyard.

I sure wish I had found this nursery sooner, it would have saved us from planting things that would ultimately disappoint me. But now that I know where to find him I am happy!!!

The photos below show the front of the house as it looked in April.


May 5th Update: 

The above photo shows ice plants overtaking our front planter bed. By the
end of April it had started choking everything out so we removed it. 

Our new best friend, Seth at Oleander Nursery suggested adding Dessert Rose plants. His wife recommended some dwarf ones that she did some grafting on so they had variegated leaves on part of it & solid ones on the other part. They also had 2 different color roses. I got a total of 3 with the 2 outer ones the same & the middle slightly different. They are just starting to bloom & the colors are beautiful.

The Bougainvillea planted in the back yard is just starting to flower & filling out
a bit more. Seth told me to be patient ;) & I am trying! The flowers are beautiful & because of the little thorns Allie doesn't go near them...thank god!

I think I am finally happy with the front & back yard. I will be thrilled when my Hibiscus start growing & flowering but in the meantime the leaves are gorgeous.

Perhaps another couple of months & everything will be doing great!

May 25th Update: 

Well, my Hibiscus plant has grown a bit. Not much but enough that I had to tie the top of it to the stake to keep it from getting blown around too much. 

I was never expecting a flower yet but I got my first one & it is spectacular. The red flower was a brighter than I expected but I'm not complaining. It is beautiful. 

So, now everything is doing well & the front & back yard are looking great.

June 11th update:

What a difference a day makes. The Bottle Brush tree is just going crazy. It is beautiful this morning!