Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pontoon Ride on the Rio Grande

A couple of weeks ago we finally got around to taking the Pontoon trip down the Rio Grande River. The Pontoon is owned by Bentsen Palm Development & they go out 3 days/week. 

The river separates Texas from Mexico & it was a wonderful experience. I had heard that Reynosa Mexico was quite a party town but until we rode by the park we had no idea how much these people like to party. 

We also learned that the TX Highway Patrol actually considers the Rio Grande River a TX Highway....who woulda thought! And boy do they have some very fast & very fancy boats. All of the agencies who patrol our border are very friendly & very good at what they do. We are protected by several agencies (I might forget a few): Border Patrol, Texas Rangers, State Police, Mission Police, Texas Highway Patrol, etc. 

Captain Bob
Before I start posting all the photos of the Rio Grande ride I want to post a really awesome photo of the Border Patrol riding along the levee by the State Park. I have a previous post with lots more photos of the protectors in the Rio Grande of the safest places to live.

Ok, so our ride lasted about 2 1/2 hours & all along the way we had Texas on one side & Mexico on the other side. At one point during the ride we actually
Alligator catching rays!
got to see a boat racing from the Mexico side to the TX side drop off a woman & child then race back. Captain Bob called it in & next thing we know the Highway Patrol was hot on their trail. Usually they are caught before they get over the levee & start running....right into one of the many agencies protecting our border. Just so you know, every year we have all bake cookies & bring them over to the ranges, border patrol, etc. Just as an FYI, none of these illegal's are from Mexico because they can
Mansion in Reynosa
come over here whenever they want to & usually come on Friday & return on Sunday. The illegals are from Central & South American & now we are getting them from Cuba (I guess Florida doesn't want them anymore).

All along the river are large mansions on the Mexico side (they do have lots of money...some legal, some not so legal). One mansion we saw was all glass. Yes, all around. You could seen right through to the other side & even the bed. I'm assuming (at least I hope) that they have some
Raynosa Mansion
shades that give them some privacy. This house also had a HUGE playground for the kids & a servants quarters (yes, that is exactly what they call them & how they treat them). They have private landscapers maintaining their estate & all the pleasures that lots of money affords them. These are the people that come to TX on the weekends, spend lots of money & sit there & let everybody wait on them like Prima donna's & yes, they are. They treat the waiters & waitress' in the restaurants like
Reynosa Mansion
they are their personal slaves & they just have to take it with a smile but they are used to it. I'm sure they tip well ;)

Most of the Mansion photos are only partial views visible from the river but from what we could see they were all very impressive. I'm posting the 3 best photos I got of the mansions but it should give you a bit of an idea of what they are like. We actually have some huge mansions on our side of the river that are owned by Mexican Nationals. 
Reynosa Park Party Boat

The next photos are of the Park in Reynosa. They aren't the greatest photos but it will give you an idea how busy they are on weekends & how much they like to party. I was told that it used to be a safe place for people to travel to but now it's best to stay on this side of the river.

Our trip was on a Sunday & we were told that's the
Reynosa Palapa's
best day because the parks are full of all the families partying. Reynosa has it's own party boat with music blasting & people dancing. I guess that's why they call it a party town.

A bit farther down the river we hit the Anzalduas park & dam. The park is very nice but much quieter than the Reynosa park. The Anzalduas International Bridge connects Reynosa Mexico to McAllen, TX. The bridge is one of several that connect Mexico to
Border Patrol
Texas. Weekends are pretty busy with the Mexican Nationals coming over to shop & of course all the commercial trucks bringing Mexican wares into the states.

Border Patrol has a boat ramp along the river on the Texas side near the Anzalduas park. They also have their lookout which has cameras that reach great distances. Captain Bob told us that the new high range camera's along the levee near our community
Anzalduas Park
can view all along the river beyond the areas we had traveled. It's pretty impressive.

I think the best part of the trip was at the end when we saw the TX Highway Patrol boats. These boats are new & very impressive.

It was a great day & we really enjoyed the scenery & learning about the different Mexican cities along the the river & all the other trivia that we didn't
Highway Patrol on the move
already know. 

Unfortunately I couldn't get a shot of the Pontoon because where it's docked you can't really see it & of course it's pretty hard to get a photo when you're riding in it. The boat seats 8 people & they only charge $10.00 per person which probably covers the cost of the gas.

Bob & his wife are work kampers at the RV park &
Fancy new boats
this is part of their job. They are turning over the reins for next season to a friend of theirs that they are now training.

I'm really glad we finally had a chance to take the boat ride!

Looking at these new fancy boats & all those big guns, I am glad I live on this side of the river. We sure do feel so much safer with them around & it's nice to know that we are safe & secure with them around.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Addition to the Living Room

I have been thinking about putting some chairs in the living room in front of the windows for some time but it was a passing idea I hadn't acted upon.

The other day a neighbor posted a couple of rockers that they wanted to sell to make room for smaller chairs in the Coach House. I looked at them & thought "wow those would be nice in the coach house for renters or even in our house". 

Well I decided to go look at them. They were made out of the same microfiber "faux leather" that our Lazy Boy recliner sofa's were in NM so the colors were just right either way. I measured & they would work either way. Soooo, I asked Al to go over with me & he looked at the photo I took on my phone & said yeah, that looks nice. 

Well, I couldn't get him out of the chair. Needless to say they are now sitting in our living much for something in the coach house LOL. The photo kind of makes it look crowded but it's not. It
actually works quite well. The color really blends well with everything else so the bottom line is that they are just what I wanted & even Al is happy with them so everybody is happy!

Don't ya just love happy endings. I think we are done now!