Monday, February 1, 2016

Kitchen updates

I was not happy about the pull out drawers in our kitchen when the house was built. Basically the cabinet guy made them so that they wasted 2 inches of
space above & below the drawers & front to back there was also 2 inches of wasted space so there was a lot of unusable space. The pull out drawers were shallow & not very functional.

The other thing was that you had to open cabinet doors to get at the drawers which was a nuisance.

One of our neighbors showed me what they had done when the cabinet guy forgot to install the pull outs. They got their money back for the pull out drawers & had the cabinet guy make actual deep drawers which were a lot more functional. 

So, now instead of having 8 shallow pull out's that were only about 4 inches deep we have 4 drawers 10 inches deep on the bottom & 4 drawers 8 inches deep above with no cabinet doors. They will match the top drawers perfectly & when finished it will look like they were all made together. 

Jaime build the drawers over the weekend & installed everything Monday morning. Hector (the painter) came to pick them up & will apply stain & finish then bring them back on Wednesday or Thursday. He has the stain & sealer that was used on the rest of the cabinets so everything should look great when
they are put back.

Now we have all these cabinet doors so I have to figure out what to do with them ;)

2/4/16 UPDATE: Hector bought the finished drawers & applied the stain to the spacers between the drawers. Jaime had pre-drilled holes for the drawer pulls so Al & Hector's dad had an easy job of putting on the new drawer pulls while Hector was doing the final stain & lacquer to the spacers.

Once that was finished Hector installed the drawers & tested them out to ensure they opened & closed smoothly.

I have to admit that they turned out better than I expected. Jaime did a great job of building the drawers & Hector did a great job of matching the stain & lacquer to the existing cabinets & drawers.

In addition to it being easier to access pots & pans, etc. we now have a lot more storage space. Once we put everything back it turned out we had 1 empty drawer & the others had room for more stuff so we re-organized & moved things from the utility room that belonged in the kitchen but we had no room for.

So, now I'm doing my happy dance!