Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ladies Lunch in Retama

Every month we have a ladies lunch at a local restaurant but this month we had
something more special...The guys cooked & served us! Not only did they serve us but they were all decked out like we were in a fancy restaurant. I think they were really getting into this role playing.

This is every woman's dream, that their husband would wait on them. We were lucky enough to have it happen to us. There were 65 ladies attending so we had a pretty full house.

First we sat outside in the patio socializing while the busy little beavers were inside getting organized. They served us beverages while we had fun. When lunch was ready we were invited inside where lunch was served. The men prepared salads, rolls, cooked ham & mashed potatoes & kept our glasses full.

When the main course was finished they served us
dessert...lots of chocolate! Then the fun began with an ornament exchange. Each table was called to select an ornament off the table or they could take someone else's if they found one they liked. We had a blast & I think the guys enjoyed making this all happen.

After the ladies were served & were having fun with the ornament exchange the guys were able to chow down on the left overs.

As you can see from the photos we really enjoy life in Retama!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our new house had a makeover...from boring beige to something better!

After trying to clean the bedroom wall where Shadow sleeps I discovered the
lousy paint & the lousy paint job the contractors used. It was supposed to be a satin finish so it could be washed. was but it was probably the cheapest paint & watered down. So, when I tried to wash it to remove Shadow's came the paint but the oil remained.

So....since the walls needed a better quality paint that was washable I decided to do a bedroom (& master bath) makeover. I had a quilt I made back in 1997 & decided to draw
from the colors in the quilt & do an accent wall. Since the walls were done in a basic, boring beige I thought it needed a bolder color & chose a nice color of blue that blended with the quilt. Not only was I thrilled at how it turned out but the painters thought it looked fabulous...especially when they came back the next day & saw it with the quilt on the bed.

I was so excited about the results I decided it was time to give the great room some pizzazz too. It took me several days to figure out which wall to do as the accent wall & then to figure out the color. I knew it
had to be southwest inspired since the room was filled with Kachina's native american pottery & other art so I decided to pull from the turquoise in the Kachina's on the large wall with all the art.

After trying the color I liked but toned down to a lighter tint I thought it was too harsh a contrast with the deep color of the stain in the cabinets. So I decided to stick with the original color without lightening it up. I thought it would work better & I
was right. The painter applied some beside the cabinet & then next to the window & we all looked at it & decided it was a winner.

By the time they had finished painting the one wall in the dining area I knew I had made the right choice.

They really did a good job. For a while there it looked like we were living in a bubble...well, at least our cabinets looked like it. The photo on the bottom left was the work in progress. They did a really good job of making sure paint only went where it was supposed to go. Now if I did it I would have been wearing it!

After the painting was done I ordered some more of the southwest coiled baskets to hang over the cabinets & pantry door. I have 2 hanging over the living room windows & since we have a great room living area I thought it would be nice to tie the room together with some baskets in the kitchen. I ordered 3 with complimentary colors that would work with the walls & cabinets & they turned out to be perfect for the room. It's so nice when a plan comes together. It's hard to see the colors in the photo but the one on the left has turquoise that almost matches the walls & the other two over the cabinet has the same tones as the cabinets so they are all absolutely perfect!