Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Al's New Recumbent Trike

Ever since I bought my recumbent trike last summer Al has been wanting one. Now that we are settled into the new house & recovered from spending lots of money on furniture, etc. I figured it was about time.

Unfortunately there are no bike shops in the area that have recumbent trikes so
we had a 4-5 hours each way to San Antonio or order direct from the factory. The decision was pretty simple because the shipping was far less than gas, eating out, motels, etc.

Since he wanted the same thing as I had the process was pretty easy & all we had to do is take the X-seam measurements & then make the call. When I called Terra Trike I spoke with Taylor (he seems to answer every time I call). I had learned they were having a special deal that when you buy a trike you can get $200 in free branded (Terra Trike) accessories. Wonderful, so we got almost everything (except for the mirrors) he wanted plus some tire tubes for free. I ordered the trike on Nov 11th & on the 16th I got a phone call from FedEx to set up the delivery time the next day. I was surprised it was already here.

Because the trike comes fully assembled except for the mirrors I was expecting a large box but I wasn't expecting a big Semi with 45 ft trailer to pull up in our cul de sac. The box inside was the size of a large refrigerator box & took Al & the driver to get it out of the trailer.

Al didn't waste any time installing the mirrors & putting on his seat bag before he head out for a test run. He loved it but he needed to tweak the neck rest.

Today we went out on a ride together. It was fun having him along...much nicer than riding alone. When we got back he did some more tweaking then called Taylor to ask for a suggestion on the seat so he didn't "slide" & then more tweaking. While he was tweaking his he also adjusted my brakes for me. I think he now has it just the way he wants it. Now I'm jealous. His is so nice & new & clean & mine is already dirty & worn ;(

I'm looking forward to rides together so it will be more enjoyable than riding by myself. My doctor will also be happy that I am going to be riding more! So now we have his & hers trikes sitting in the garage!