Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stray pups in Retama...Again!

September 12th

Two very emaciated pups were found hiding under a table in a neighbor's back
yard. We didn't know how they got there but as I later discovered they were skin & bones & they probably got through their gate because they were so skinny.

Marilyn came over asking for some dog food & guidance what to do. I ran over with her (& some food) & the pups were so starving that they took the food right out of my hand. I told them I would find a place for them & they agreed to keep them back there until I got back.

A couple of hours later & lots of phone calls I found a place to keep them until I could get them into Cinderella....unfortunately no place that we found could
contain them because they could get through the gates. So, I called Suzanne at Cinderella & she agreed to take them if we paid for their spay & neutering. Well, I said I will find a way & sure enough all the loving people in Retama started donating money. Within an hour I called her back & said I have the money can we bring them over. So, the little "starving Armenians" are over there & doing well. They are more calm & eating again. Tomorrow I will go over & help Suzanne with weights, meds, bath & dip.

It's obvious that they are brother & sister because they keep watch for each other. They are very sweet & like people but very scared especially when we
took out a leash to corral them. Once they saw the leash it was like trying to trap a wild animal. Not aggressive it was just that they kept playing keep away. We finally got them both & they settled down in the back of the car. 

Suzanne at Cinderella Pet Rescue was reluctant to take any more dogs in especially since there are 11 dogs already needing to be spayed & neutered & CPR just does not have the funds to take on any more. (already have 67 dogs needing homes). So, I posted a message on our community Facebook page & within an hour our wonderful neighbors had come through to help. I immediately called Suzanne & she agreed to take them in. 

The pups are young & it's obvious they have been on their own for some time because they are starving. They are friendly & ate out of my hands but the minute a leash was brought out the fun began. It was obvious they were terrified of being "captured" & did a great job of playing dodge the puppies. Wither perseverance we got them, put them in the car & got them to Cinderella. We placed them in a nice large kennel under a tree, gave them fresh food & water & tucked them in. I gave them each some treats which they took from my hand & I left them with some extra treats before we left.

September 13th - Meet Moonbeam & Sunbeam

Al & I went over to check on the puppies & the tails started wagging. We went
into the kennel & they already had gotten their breakfast & fresh water. I brought some of Allie & Shadow's gourmet peanut butter training treats & we proceeded to give them treats while helping them learn their new names. We have come to the conclusion that Sunbeam is a pig (much like our Shadow) & while he is a real chow hound he does share with his sister. She prefers eating from our hands but he will eat whatever he can get & wherever he can get it. They are now skin & bones but in a few weeks they will get back on track & looking healthier.

As you can see from the bottom photo these two pups are skin & bones. It's obvious it won't take to long for them to start filling out & hopefully they will be happy, healthy pups that find a GOOD new forever home.

Tomorrow I will meet with Suzanne & we will do intake: weigh, give meds, do bath & dip then clip nails. The next step will be a visit to the vet to check for things we can't.

The top photo is one I got when I first met them. Obviously not camera shy. The remaining photos were taken this morning. Cute little kids aren't they?
I will keep this post updated.

September 14th

We came up with names Sunbeam (for the little light colored girl) & Moonbeam
for the little dark colored boy. When I chatted with Suzanne she liked the names & said it was OK. Since CPR maintains a database she doesn't like to re-use names. So, the little puppies now have adorable names for adorable puppies.

Pups were bathed today & you can see how protective big brother is for his little sister. It is so cute! It was stressful for them but I know they are probably feeling so much
better getting the fleas & ticks off them & feeling clean all over. Life will soon be much better for both of them.

After their bath the two pups slept in the tub for a while & then Suzanne went to work on removing the ticks from them. They were also given meds for worms, fleas & ticks. She agreed that these two little pups are really sweet & it is apparent by the photos of them in the tub that they love each other very much & which one is the "protector" in the
family. You can see Moonbeam keeping a watch over his very scared & tired sister.

After all is said & done both weary puppies are finally sleeping peacefully. These pups are so precious & these photos just tell it all. When we discovered them hiding under a table in our neighbors yard they were bedraggled, worn out & frightened. Now they are a loving pair of pups who are hopefully feeling a little safer than they have been & optimistic about their future knowing that people actually do care about them.

Please say some prayers that these 2 very special pups will find a wonderful new forever home where they will enjoy a blessed life together.

October 1st

These cute little kids are not pups. Turns out they are about 1 1/2 years old & pretty darned smart. Now that they are happy, eating right & healthy they are starting to prove that they are going to make someone great companions. They are doing great on a leash & it seems like they are probably house broken. So, if you know someone who wants two adorable little fur balls, they are just waiting for you to take them home. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Hummingbirds Are Back

Well the Hummingbirds are back & they are hungry. Within an hour of putting
out my hummingbird feeders they were all over our yard. 

It was cute watching them on the swing I bought last year. I never saw a hummingbird on there until this morning. It was really cute watching them at the feeders then sit on the swing for a while just watching.