Sunday, August 30, 2015

Settling In At Retama

Hard to believe but we have been in the new house for 2 months now. We have all our furniture in, all the window treatments are now in, the grass is growing &
green & the bushes are starting to grow & flower.

We finally got the Lazy Boy sleep sofa for our Den/Guest room & thank god it fit through the door. It was a very tight squeeze but they made it & it looks perfect. We have the entertainment center that we brought from New Mexico & we put our old TV in there & we got a nice new TV for the living room.

Here are some photos of the front & back yards. In the big front kidney shaped planter we have Rebellini
Palms (AKA Pigmy Date Palm) on either side & in front there is Mexican Heather & behind it is Firecracker bushes. They actually are blooming nicely although it's hard to see the fiery colored blooms & the purple blooms on the heather.

In the backyard we have Orange Cape Honeysuckle but I can't remember what species. We also have 2 beautiful Pride of Barbados. This is something I had never seen but my friend Coco told me about it & as soon as she showed me one I knew I had to have 1 or 2 ;). Right now one is blooming a lot & the other hasn't yet but it is doing well & growing. I guess it's one of those "late
Pride of Barbados

We also have some Duranta in the front & back that have beautiful purple blooms that are just starting to show. We also have Red Velvet Lantana & white Lantana in the 2 smaller flower beds.

So, as you might have guessed after living in the desert for the last 8 years I planted for color. It's nice to have green grass again & while it's too hot to sit outside I know that once it cools off we are going to have a beautiful garden to look at.

Pride of Barbados closeup
It's really hard to see the flowers in these bushes but they are really spectacular. We also have a Queen palm in our yard & our neighbor has one in their yard. Each one was planted close to the common wall so once they grow up they will overhang both of our courtyards so it will look like we each have 2 palm trees in our courtyards. Good planning on our parts!

All of the plants in the front & back were planted to attract the birds & butterflies so it should be a lot of fun when they start sniffing around the yard.

Now, if it would cool down a little we would be soooo happy because it's just too
Orange Cape Honeysuckle
hot to sit out side, even at night. 

You know it's hot when the hummingbirds are taking cover in the bushes &
don't want to come out. I finally saw a hummingbird last week so I guess I might have to put a feeder out & bring my bird bath over from the RV lot so they can come by & stay cool...or at least try!

We are going to be having a small party in a couple of weeks & hopefully it will cool off a bit so we can sit out side...if not we get to hang around inside.

One great thing is the dogs LOVE the yard & are out there in the early morning chasing each other around the yard. I really think they love having the grass because they keep rolling around in it...not to mention eating it but it's better than eating rocks.

We are keeping very busy in the community. There aren't that many people here during the summer but you would never know it. We have been having a great turn out at all our activities & everybody is having lots of fun....except for the time we lost our power due to a very bad lightning storm that impacted a major portion of Texas. We were without power for 43 hours BUT the 2nd night we stayed at our friends house. They are gone for the summer & told us to stay there until the power came on. Thank god it came back by dinner time the next day. Wooohooo!!

This photo was taken this month at one of our weekly Friday evening Happy Hour pot luck BBQ's. Not bad attendance considering we don't have many people staying for the summer! Are we having fun yet...You bet we are.