Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Home Sweet Home

July 1st

The construction process is now complete, we closed on the house yesterday & now the fun
begins....making this our home!

We have moved a few things in but have a long way to go. Al and a friend brought over the washer and dryer and hooked it up so we can do laundry. Furniture and refrigerator will be delivered on Friday. My goal is to be able to eat and sleep there this weekend and take our time to move everything in without killing ourselves.

The photo on the right shows Nick Rhodes, Lupita Zamora &
Victor Aguirre. By now you have heard Victor's name a lot. He's the man behind the building process. He's the mover & shaker that gets things done. Nick is the Sales Manager & Lupita keeps the guys in line ;)

The photo on the left is the leather bound book that has our name engraved at the bottom. It contains all the important information about out home. It was given to us at closing along with some books on local birds, butterflies & other wonderful things in the area. Perhaps when we have some free time we will get to read them. We also received a book containing all the manuals, warranty information & future home walk thru's that are done in 30 days & then one year. I really have to admit that Esperanza really does a great job from beginning to end & Victor turned what could be a stressful time into one that was enjoyable.

July 3rd

The furniture, refrigerator & freezer were delivered. We ordered a Lazy Boy sofa bed which won't arrive for 2 weeks bur they were loaning us one. They discovered that they could not get it around the tight corners into the den. Now they have to get their moving guru to figure out what to do when our sofa comes in.

The next issue was this very big refrigerator in. Even with taking the door off it has just a tiny gap on either side that required all 3 of us to navigate....success, we got it in the door. Next hurdle was navigating around the island & he made it. The last hurdle was getting it in the space where is was supposed to go. Turns out that the specs that Samsung had on the refrigerator were off by 2+ inches. BUT he was able to get it in with no room to space so it fits like a glove.

July 4th

Today we had a painter come to stain the cabinet we had put in the guest bathroom then we
went to the community 4th of July dinner. The turnout was great and we had a wonderful time.

To celebrate the 4th of July we spent our first night in the new house. Even with the counters in the kitchen filled with stuff to put away the rest of the house is still free of unpacking "debris". We still have a lot to unpack but we have the boxes marked by priority & that is how we are unpacking.

Our plantation shutters have not arrived yet so we hung a sheet over the bedroom window for privacy. Allie & Shadow were happy to have their dog beds back although after fluffing them up they still didn't sleep in them (nothing new). Allie slept in the dining area on vigil making sure nobody was going to sneak in & Shadow slept in the bedroom on vigil. The best part is that the house was soundproof enough that Shadow did not freak out with all the fireworks.

July 5th

Today is a busy day. We have Dish coming to hook up our satellite service, a painter
coming to paint all the shelves we had made for the bedroom closets. Our neighbor is coming over to help Al install 2 medicine cabinets in the master bath & of course we unpack more boxes.

Tomorrow the internet service will be moved from the coach house to here so I can get back to work.

Most of the furniture has been delivered. We have bar stools & sofa bed on order which are due on the 15th. The living room tables that we originally bought just didn't "fit" in the room so we talked to Craig's & the general manager told us to come out & see if there is something else that will work. We found something & they delivered it a few days later. These tables are just perfect.

We can actually say we have 2 rooms set up & looking lived in but the rest of the house is still a mess but we are working hard to make the kitchen counters visible. 

There is nothing on the walls yet & who knows when that will happen but once we have boxes unpacked, shutters on & the house is "presentable" I will post more photos.

July 10th

The house is starting to look presentable & the master bath but we still have a lot of things
to bring over from storage that we need to unpack. Yesterday Al & a friend brought over our patio table & desk from the coach house. Later in the day Al went back to the storage unit & brought a full load of stuff over to start putting away. We are not rushing to get things put away so one load at a time we will either find a home for it or it will get put in a box for garage sale or donation.

We have used our new Traeger Wood Pellet Grill & we love it. Al has wanted one for a while & since we sold ours when we sold the house in New Mexico it was the perfect time to buy it. Cooking on this grill really gives the meat a wonderful flavor...much better than propane & charcoal soaked in lighter fluid ;). We've only been in the house since the 4th & we've already used it 3 sure beats slaving over a hot stove! Al cooked a steak on it tonight & it turned out wonderful. I guess we have make a brisket & invite friends over to try it.

July 11th

We did a little more shopping to pick up things we need to organize the house. Now that we have the perfect tables for the living room I ordered an area rug & once it arrives I will add a photo of the living room.

We did more unpacking & we can actually see the kitchen counters now. The island is still cluttered with stuff but a few more days & that should look better as well. We really are making great progress & I won't even be embarrassed if company drops in now :)

July 15th

The house is still a work in progress with boxes all over the place & counters still the
launching pad for boxes labeled for kitchen, dining room & living room.

We got the new tables for the living room & they look much better than the ones we originally picked out. It's really hard to envision how things look in the store & until they are in the house you have no way of knowing how they will look. 

The new area rug that I ordered from Amazon also arrived. It actually looks better than expected & brightens up the place.

Now all we are waiting for is the sofa bed & bar stools that were ordered. They are all supposed to arrive by the end of the month. It will be nice to have
all the furniture in the house.

In the meantime we are still unpacking & getting organized. Al is busy getting shelves put in the garage & "shop" so he can get the garage organized. Inside the house is slowly getting organized. Even though we sold a lot of stuff, donated a lot & threw out a lot we are finding a lot more stuff that we should have gotten rid of before we moved it here. So, I guess we start more piles for donation, Craigslist & then our annual garage sale in Retama.

Bob & Barb Goble came by to visit. Well, Bob came by to help Al install the RO unit under the sink. Barb had a good time visiting with Allie & Shadow. Shadow, who is not a lap dog or a cuddler, decided he REALLY liked Barb & wanted to
become BFF's & wasn't afraid to let her know. He never ceases to amaze us with things he does. This shy dog is definitely coming out of his shell.  

July 20th

The house is really shaping up. We've been busy unpacking & the storage unit is almost
empty. Al has been busy putting up shelving to help organize the garage & his shop & things are really starting to take shape. 

We opted to maintain the backyard ourselves so we bought a lawn mower & edger. Al will do the mowing & I will be maintaining the flower bed. The sod is starting to take hold & Al has fertilized so hopefully in a couple of weeks it will really start looking nice. Tomorrow he will do the first mowing so the yard will start looking a little better. All the bushes & trees are starting to show growth & blooms so we're getting a little color in the yard.

Allie & Shadow are really enjoying their new yard & have been chasing each other around & playing which is something they haven't been able to do in a while. It's nice to see them playing again & they seem pretty happy to have grass instead of gravel.

It's hard to believe that has been about 2 1/2 weeks since we moved in & we're getting pretty close to being settled. We discovered that even with all the things we sold, donated & tossed in the trash we still have many boxes of things for our community's annual yard sale.

It really is nice to have a nice green yard for a change, beautiful palm trees & I am really enjoying all the beautiful colors in our yard & our neighbors. I really love New Mexico but having grown up in New England I sure missed the beautiful colors & we get to enjoy it all year round here.

The courtyard now has the furniture set up along with the patio table & new umbrella. While it's way to hot to sit out there now we are ready for the time when it's a bit cooler & we can sit outside & enjoy the yard & entertain.

Aug 15th

We are all settled in & just about everything has been put away. Our Plantation Shutters
have been installed & look great...not to mention they are keeping the house cooler & we now have privacy.

I even decided to break out a quilt I made almost 20 years ago & put it in the bedroom. Turns out it is perfect for the bedroom & looks great...especially with the new shutters.

I splurged & got a new shower curtain. It looked good in the picture on Amazon but I wasn't sure how it would look in the bathroom but it looks pretty nice & the colors work well with the color scheme in the bathroom & in the granite so it's staying.

Our bushes are growing & blossoming & look wonderful & the grass is turning green. I put the hangers for the hummingbird feeders in the back yard but until it cools off I'm not going to put the feeders out there.

Allie & Shadow are loving their new home & have settled right in. They even get to run, jump & play in the yard early in the morning before it gets too hot.

It's far to hot to go out & relax in the courtyard but I am spending time nurturing my plants & watching them grow...LOL. So for now I just go out with the dogs, prune & water the bushes, enjoy looking at all the beautiful colors & then go back into the nice cool
house. I know that cooler days are coming & I can wait.

The bushes shown are a honey suckle (can't remember which species but they are a vibrant orange & yellow) & Pride of Barbados with similar colors.