Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lunch at Pappadeaux's

Today we got together with some friends we met at an RV park in Amarillo a couple of years ago.
Oh my god!!!!

Carol & Gene Chiappe are from Grandbury. They were heading west & we were heading east. We were parked next to each other & they were getting ready to head over to Big Tex for dinner & they asked us to join them. We had a blast & since they were heading to place we frequented we gave them some suggestions of where to stop, where to eat, etc. We have kept in touch ever since.

When Carol told me they were coming down to the Rio Grande Valley for an RV Rally we decided to get together for lunch. They had never been to the RGV
Where do I start!
so we met in the middle & ate at Pappadeaux's in Pharr. It had been a long time since we had eaten there so I had forgotten what the portions were like. We chose from the lunch menu so you would think the sizes would be smaller. NOT!!!!

I ordered a Shrimp Po Boy & Al ordered the same thing. Gene also ordered a Po Boy. Well let me tell you when they put mine on the table I almost had a heart attack. We all decided we could have easily split one.
I'm sure glad I chose this!

Well, we had a great time & had lots of left overs. Carol was the only smart person among us by choosing something manageable to eat. Those Po Boy's were a full loaf of bread!

After lunch Carol & Gene came back to Retama with us & checked out the place. We gave them a grand tour & they were really impressed. When we walked into the clubhouse Carol was amazed...especially when I showed her the ladies room. Perhaps we can convince them to come & stay a while next winter.