Saturday, December 13, 2014

Retama Holiday Bazaar & Christmas Walk

This is our first Christmas in Retama & let me tell you that these people really know how to put on a party. They really come up with some really interesting ideas & I never hear anybody complain that they aren't having a good time...not even the Grinch (Al). I didn't even have to ask him twice if he wanted to participate in all of these events
Bake Sale

We haven't really done any small craft shows in a long time but this was free, local & sounded like it would be a lot of fun.

It started off with a cooking sale. Everyone was asked to bake something & drop it off before noon so they could be packaged & priced. Al baked is famous coconut pecan cookies. Santa's elves were
My Table
busy taking care of the bake sale & getting people to buy but of course they didn't need too much coaxing. Notice went out after the events of the day were over that they raised over $375.00 from the sale of all the baked goods. I'd say that was a whopping success.

The Holiday Bazaar was great. Perhaps not as successful for the vendors but we all had a great time. I would say there were about a dozen vendors in the club house & each one had some wonderful things.
Al's Table

In the dining area there was Al with his woodworking & me with the gourds & pyrography & we each sold a few things. There was someone who does pen & ink drawings, beaded jewelry. I negotiated with her to buy the one she was wearing so she put my 2nd choice on so she had something around her neck. By the end of the bazaar I had bought that one too.

In the other areas there was oil & watercolor paintings, stained glass, beaded coasters & other
items, woven neckwear, christmas stockings, turned bowls & a few other things I can't even remember.

I believe the event was open to our sister RV Park, Bentsen Palm but only Retama residents could be vendors. Many vendors sold some items but I think there were lookers than buyers. BUT, the bottom line was we all had a great time & that was what it is all about.

I was told there were several more vendors than previous years so that's wonderful that interest is growing.

Julia Hanley on her Segway

Believe it or not our little community party & parade was led by the US Border Patrol & State Troopers. I think they like us because we gave them a feast of holiday cookies a couple of weeks ago. I heard one of them say..."when I get old (did he really say that????) this is where I want to live". No kidding, he knows that we know how to party & have a good time...and a good time was had by all!

It's pretty cool when you have the local authorities coming to your parties!
John Hanley on his Segway

The festivities started at the front of the clubhouse for the judging for the best decorated bike, Segway (personal transporter) car, RV or whatever. First place winners for the best decorations went to John & Julia Hanley.

Then the parade started with a trailer filled with carolers that drove through the community spreading holiday cheer. Leading the parade was John Hanley on his Segway & then followed by the State Trooper & Border Patrol with their lights flashing. The rest of us followed the map given out to us to visit homes in the community that had opened up their doors to
Our community parade
celebrate the holiday. 

Each home had goodies for us to enjoy & of course we were able to tour their home & decorations. Thank god there was only about 6 homes because there was a lot of food (no dinner for us!) it was dark by the time we got to the last house & we were stuffed with all the goodies by the time we hit the last home.

I have to admit we really had a good time We enjoyed all the decorations, the food, the company
Holiday Carolers
& the wonderful people in this community. This is just the start of the holiday season. We still have the Chrismas lunch & the New Years Brunch to celebrate.

It really was a very fun evening & it a wonderful way to visit with everyone. Some people had elaborate holiday displays & lots of wonderful goodies to share. Everyone did a great job & I did not see one face that didn't have a smile on it.

Yes, we do have fun in Retama Village! Doesn't it make you want to come on over to Retama Village & join in?