Thursday, October 23, 2014

The New Bushes Are Planted

Granted we don't have a big yard but we are trying to make it beautiful &
Compact Jatropha
enjoyable while we are here.

We got approval to add bushes on either side of the patio & the beds were prepared, irrigation set up & the bushes were planted. These were bushes we chose for color & to attract butterflies & birds. For the back of the patio I chose orange mahogany Esperanza which is a nice two toned flower that hummingbirds & butterflies love AND so far I am the only one in the community with these colors. 
Right now the Esperanza doesn't even look like they are there but they really are & there are even a few flowers on them.

On the side I chose red compact Jatropha which will provide some shade & privacy & of course attract the hummingbirds & butterflies & they have already discovered them even as small as they currently are.
Knock Out Roses

The small planter bed in the front was cleaned out & all the "wild" brush & weeds were removed. I chose Red Double Knock Out Roses & they already look beautiful just small but it won't be long before they grow up & fill in.

Right now the bushes look kind of pitiful but it won't take long before they are looking good. Since the temperature here during the winter is typically in
Back Patio
the 70's there's plenty of time for them to grow while we are here. 

I also got permission to put up hummingbird feeders & darned if we didn't have a visitor the very first day. I have one in the back patio in the middle of the Esperanza & I have one out front so that I can watch the butterflies & hummingbirds while I am working. The one out front had a visitor within minutes of putting the feeder up on the hanger.
Butterfly bushes 

The butterfly bushes in the front are already established & getting lots of butterflies. It will be interesting to see how many butterflies find our place this year with all the new flowering bushes we have. 

I took some photos of the new bushes so I can see the difference in the yard now & perhaps next season.

So, now that the inside of the coach house is more livable with a new AC system, tankless water heater & a few upgrades to the bathroom we have a very nice little home to enjoy.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Back in Texas

We are now back in Texas & even though it's been in the 90's all week we are glad to be here.

We arrived on Tuesday & yesterday I had already been out to the weekly breakfast with the doesn't take long to get into the swing of things here.
Mitsubishi Mini Split AC

Yesterday we suffered from the heat because we were getting the coach house ready for our new air conditioner that was being installed today. Yesterday Al removed the wall mounted AC & patched the hole in the wall, added the texture to the wall & painted so it would be ready for them to install the new AC today. The new unit is a mini split AC/Heater is ductless & has an external condenser. The inside unit mounts to the wall & the outside unit sits on a concrete slab. It's much like a mini version of a regular household central air conditioner. This new AC is fabulous...quiet & it doesn't seem to have any problem keeping the coach house cool. Instead of saying "you want me to do what????", this unit says, "no problem".
Mitsubishi Mini Split Inside Unit

The photo on the right shows the condenser, inside unit & the remote control. The photo on the left shows the wall mounted unit. It's about 31 inches wide & the vent rotates up or down & can be set to do it automatically. Friends who own this same unit say it's the best they have ever had. One of our neighbors has 3 of them installed in his house in Michigan & he loves them.

Tomorrow we are getting a new tankless water heater installed & we will be all done with our list of "home improvements" to the coach house. Friends of ours who have the same AC & water heater said they lived in the coach house all summer & were very comfortable.

Lots of fun stuff to do this month & there still aren't many "Winter Texan's" here yet. The big events for the month are the Italian Dinner & the Oktoberfest celebration.

On the 21st we are having our new bushes put in around our patio & then we are off to the Couples Lunch at the Blue Onion restaurant.