Saturday, May 10, 2014

On The Road Again

Well, on June 8th we set out on our next adventure. Our driver, is ready to rock & roll & is chomping at the bit to get to the Ocean. He's got his morning coffee & is ready to hit the road!
Shadow, Our Driver

Most of this trip is not exactly virgin territory for us but we will stop & visit some places we haven't been before. We will also be back in our old stomping grounds where we lived before moving to New Mexico.

This is our annual (maybe last) trek to the Pacific Northwest.

Our first stop is Centralia, WA for a couple of days for some work on our coach. We will also visit some gourd friends who moved nearby.

Next stop is Castle Rock, WA for a Tiffin Rally (Tiffin is the manufacturer of our motorhome). We haven't been to one in a long time but this should be fun. Bob & Judy Tiffin will be there along with several of their service techs. There is a long list of fun activities & of course lots of food planned.

Our next stop is Troutdale, OR just outside of Portland. We will be there for a week. I used to work at the VA in Portland but this is an area I have not explored & there's a lot I didn't get to
see in Portland so this will give us some time for both of us to explore Portland & the surrounding areas. Al has never been to Portland so it will all be new to him. One of my friends who was a Sheltie breeder lives in Vancouver so I might just stop & visit while we are there. It's just across the river from Portland so it's not very far & I haven't seen her since we left Washington 7 years ago.

My new Terra Trike Rambler

While we are in Portland I pick up my new Recumbent Trike that I ordered. Some people in Retama had one & they let me try it. I rode it through the place & I was amazed at how great it handled & that I could ride it without any pain. It's about the only exercise I can do without pain & it was so much fun to ride. When we got back to New Mexico I visited a bike shop in Albuquerque & got to ride it again, this time through a parking lot, up & down a hill & still no pain. In spite of the fact that they are pricey I knew I needed to get it. My doctor said I needed exercise & I needed to find something I could do that would not hurt & was fun so I would do it. So, I figured I had to bite the bullet & invest in it. Of course now Al wants one ;) Maybe Santa will bring him one for Christmas!

The following week will be Salem, OR. Neither one of us have been to so it should be fun.

Our final destination is Allie & Shadow's favorite place, Newport, OR where we will spend the next 2 months. We kinda like it too. Lots of things to do, great restaurants & the smell of salt air. What's not to like!

If any of you live near our stops please let me know. We'd love to say hi!